We seek to extend, improve, and uplift the lives of those in our own communities through mobilized services. When a family, a neighbor, or a community is served with efficiency and dignity, we have realized our vision.

ONR recognizes the growing trend for home-based, personal services which extend beyond the conventional fixed-retail setting. You expect and demand same-day delivery, on-site repairs and real time encounters based on your convenience and preference. ONR is positioning to meet these customer expectations.

Our goal is to activate new enterprises or existing health practices to maximize their growth through mobile delivery of their healthcare services (on-site or on-vehicle). Fixed-location businesses looking to increase their presence are also invited to explore our responsive mobile clinic service platform. ONR’s services operate beyond brick and mortar limitations, adapting to changes, patient experience, convenience, and customization - delivered to facilities, homes, businesses, or other community locations.

ONR is a hybrid system of teams and tools to coordinate and deliver a wide range of services for individuals, families, businesses, and communities. Because of ONR’s partnerships with highly skilled professionals with the shared objectives of customized care (that is -  to provide high quality services with a memorable experience) anyone can use ONR’s services.

ONR is currently launching a structured trial program to begin in January 2021.For more information on trial costs, please contact ONR.

ONR’s services are provided by skilled, vetted professionals in the residential, commercial, personal, and health and wellness disciplines. The skilled professional builds close relationships with their patients. At the core, their passion for delivering a completely satisfying service accompanied with and unique convenience motivates us.

No. ONR also serves businesses, corporations, and community organizations. Many services often associated with residential needs are also beneficial to businesses, corporations and community organizations - either directly or to their associates.

Yes. As mentioned above, ONR also serves associates of businesses, corporations, and community organizations. The direct benefits to businesses, corporations, and community organizations are:

  • Personal services provided for associates at the workplace is a tremendous convenience to the associate in addition to reducing the time away from work, improving productivity, efficiency and controlling operating business costs.
  • This type of support and benefit for associates has proven to improve morale, loyalty and productivity of associates.
  • In some situations (such as insurance costs), costs could be reduced either by lowering liability or by lowering the use of other more costly services, therefore reducing individual and group rates.

Yes - we are preparing our pilot program - and registration will be available soon. To be notified with email updates regarding this pilot, please complete our contact form. There is no commitment or cost to subscribe to our newsletter.

Yes! - we are looking to expand our implementation team. To view our current needs, visit our team page.

ONR is currently seeking qualified service providers across a range of disciplines for delivery. To inquire about becoming an ONR provider, click here to contact us.

Please submit your questions through our inquiry form here.